HLH product review

I had the pleasure to be chosen as one of HLH Designs’ product reviewers. Hanna Lisa Haferkamp prides herself in producing sustainable, ethically produced project bags that supports her local economy. As someone who likes to support my local businesses, reviewing her products was something that appealed to me.

I received my parcel a couple of days ago and was happy to see that all the packaging was recyclable.

When I opened it, I found a medium-sized project bag and a small pair of scissors in its case. Hanna Lisa offered me the option of having the contents be a surprise, and I loved the idea. The project bag is the most vibrant shade of yellow gold, which is one of my favorite colors.

The entire process and materials source is detailed on the HLH designs website, so you are able to track exactly where every part of your product comes from.

As someone who is not the gentlest with her belongings, I was happy to see the fabrics are all very sturdy, the bag very well constructed, and the materials all of quality.

The project bag I received can fit a couple of skeins and the work-in-progress, like a hat, scarf, socks, or mittens. Something I really liked was the carabiner included to thread the yarn through, which comes in handy either with a single color project, or if you wish to do colorwork and keep your yarns from tangling.

There are two notions pockets as well, roomy enough for the pair of scissors as well as stitch markers, progress keepers, a measuring tape, or anything else you might need to take your project with you.

This is the first time I’ve used a project bag with a zipper and I was initially concerned that it would snag the yarn if I kept the bag up on my couch or at the table, but there was no problem. I’ve run sock yarn, pure wool, and heavier wool blends through with no snags.

This project bag is already in my rotation, roomy enough to carry my project but also small enough that I can toss in my tote bag to bring with me. The scissors are super sharp and keeping them in their case in the bag ensures I can dig around for them without fear of a sudden stab. I love the idea of the carabiner as I have, more than once, had to deal with tangled yarn while on the go.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into the process of making these project bags, and the high quality of all the materials.

DISCLAIMER: I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the company providing the product.