Garden numbers

6 – The number of broccoli seedlings I planted yesterday.

22 – Number of carefully-nurtured tomato seedlings that got planted.

25 – Number of wax beans I planted, after soaking for an hour.

72 – Number of tomato seedlings I was supposed to plant. Of course, then I’d have to move out because there would be no place for me.

My mother-in-law is, thank goodness, taking a few tomato seedlings. Because we’re supposed to go camping in August and I don’t know who’ll be canning the zillion tomatoes we’ll be getting. Our friend K wants to do a canning day, which sounds fab. The manly men will watch the kidlets while the womenfolk get our canning on.

After I planted the 22 tomato seedlings I realized I grabbed seedlings at random, without keeping track of which kind went where. Yeah. I swear I’m a little more organized with my kids.

And by the way, Trader Joe’s, your “Amusant” wine wasn’t Amusant at all. I still love you, though, because your rice milk is the cheapest in town.


Mme. Non-sequitur