Ah, Pottery Barn, one of the leaders in home goods inspiration, and I mean *just* inspiration because their shit is too fucking expensive for this mama’s wallet.

But inspire they do, and isn’t that the best? To see something that makes little sparks go off in our brain because we just KNOW that we can make something like it for far less moolah.

Check out this pretty pillow:
I know the colors would look great on my burgundy sofa, but would I pay $29 for it? Hell no!

Or these darling distressed lanterns:
I’m even more distressed because there’s no way I’m paying $49 to $99 bucks for one of those! I have my eye on a couple of cheapo lanterns that I plan on painting white and faux-distressing.

However, I do have to stop, put my hands up and cry Uncle when it comes to their bedding:
I want this shit – I mean, these sheets – so bad, they’re perfect for my neutral-toned master bedroom. I love paisley motifs more than floral Laura Ashley type stuff, and let’s face it, I can’t exactly go out and make my own sheet set for less than the $99 a queen set of these would cost me.

It might just have to be a splurge later on, because these babies are calling to me. “Come buy us! We’re soft and cozy and go with your lovely neutral-toned bedroom!”

Orissa Paisley Sheet Set, I got my eye on you.