Happy (future) Meals

This past week we checked on the progress our seeds and seedlings have made. Wanna see?

Ah, our avocados. Much beloved by us and our friends and family.
We cannot possibly eat the hundreds of avocados we get per season, so we share them as much as we can. When my boys were starting out on solid foods, they enjoyed a mashed-up avocado for breakfast every day, and love them still!

Last year we tried growing bell peppers for the first time and it was a success.
We look forward to slicing up these guys in fajitas, or saute them in stir-fries, yum yum!

This is our first try with carrots – you start them from seed, and we have them in this one pot and several other little ones.
Many of these will go into smoothies – grow, little carrots, grow!

Our onions can’t be stopped. The green ones grew through winter, and now we’ve planted more of the white and yellow varieties.
I see some veggie trading in our future.

We jumped into the potato-growing bandwagon and chose basic russet and Yukon gold varieties.
If these are a success I will definitely get adventurous and order some mail order potato goodness next year!

My husband hacked up a pumpkin from last Halloween and planted some of the seeds.
Maybe we’ll have a few little scary ‘kins this year!

Look! My roses are starting to bloom again!
I love yellow roses and my husband bought this plant for me, so happy to see it’s doing so well.

We’ve planted a ton of squash – zucchini, summer squash, crookneck, etc.
Zucchini chocolate chip cookies are in our future!

The boys’ favorite thing to do in summer days is to go out and look for strawberries ready to be picked.
We also have blueberries and grapes growing in our yard.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at our growing fruits and veggies – while I am NOT looking forward to the high temperatures of summer, I most definitely AM looking forward to enjoying the bounty of our plantings. Big thanks to my husband who did most of the work, including building raised beds and getting me plants he knows I love!

2 thoughts on “Happy (future) Meals

  1. That all looks so wonderful. I will be more than happy to take some avocados off your hands. 😉 I've got a recipe brewing in my head.I wish I could grow things! As it stands, I've already killed my 7th basil plant. I'm better off purchasing blueberries to bake with since I've also managed to kill that as well.The joys of being a plant killer…

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