I’m not a Belieber!

My oldest had his school walk-a-thon last Friday. It was the warmest day so far this year although it didn’t get miserably hot. He and his buddies are showing off how many laps they walked:
Or rather, how many laps two of them walked. The boy in the center, my son’s BFF, ran all 42 laps. His own mom was surprised. My thighs hurt just typing that, “ran all 42 laps.”

The teacher told the parents we could walk alongside our kids if we wanted to, so I joined my boy at about lap 8 (I’m no fool) – we did 7 laps together, then the DJ started playing that Baby Baby Baby song and I was walking around in the heat with a zillion tweens singing along and thank goodness right then my boy said he was tired. The goal for kinders was 15 laps so I told him we could just chill if he wanted. After the walk was over, the kids went in for lunch and then there was a carnival. My son was very happy I joined him for the carnival.

We ate pizza, popcorn and otter pops. We sat in the cool grass, under the tall trees and watched people. We met his teacher’s little baby and my ovaries started to hurt. He was all chubby grumpiness at first. I don’t blame him, I was scared they’d start playing another Justin Bieber song, too.

I’m joining my bloggy friend Donna’s Taking Care of You Tea Time this morning!

4 thoughts on “I’m not a Belieber!

  1. Dear Claudia, This is the sweetest and funniest post ever. At times like these, of which I've experienced many over the last twenty years, my first thought is, "The things we do for love". Your sweet son wanted you to be there..and you were. The pain of Justin Beiber will fade in time. LoL! I love this story! Brings back so many many memories.Thanks for joining my tea time.xoDonna :o)

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