Traveling around Southern California

My in-laws have treated us to a couple of vacations – we’ve gone to Disneyland with them and last week, they took us to Legoland, the San Diego Zoo, and the La Brea tar pits.
They rented a minivan so we could all travel together, comfortably, and chose a hotel right across the street from Legoland for convenience.

It was an awesome time. I’ll be sharing pics from our trip this week, and reliving some great moments we had.

2 thoughts on “Traveling around Southern California

  1. I used to live in Southern California (Orange County), but can you believe I've never been to Legoland? Of course we went to Seaworld, Knott's and Disneyland, but I missed that one. Glad you had fun!And by the way, when your husband makes one of those yummy margaritas, drink one for me, would ya?

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