Legoland, part 1

We arrived in Carlsbad Wednesday evening. My in-laws had rented a minivan and it was super comfy and spacious – we also brought movies for the boys so they were reasonably entertained.

There was a Brewery/restaurant next door with awesome food, so we filled up our bellies and then it was time to wind down for the boys’ night-night. Next morning, it was time . . . for Legoland! But first, some face-painting:
I was surprised to hear how well my youngest did. He’s autistic and not prone to sit down patiently, but he did so well and became a very cute Batman!

The boys loved the level of detail on all the animals and displays – I think that they have gotten a lot of inspiration for their Lego creations.
The elephant was a hit, of course. Both my boys had love for all things elephant for over a year. Now it’s dinosaurs, but elephants still hold a special place in their hearts.

One of my favorite displays was MiniLand. OMG, I loved seeing all these places recreated in Legos. Of course, this was my favorite:
It is part of the Las Vegas area but still, it counts as part of France for me!

After our busy day we had pizza by the pool and then headed back to our rooms. As tired as I was, and knowing that the next day (Friday) would be just as busy, there’s no way I was waking up at 2am to watch the Royal Wedding!!

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