Legoland, part 2

There’s a joke about Latinos that says, if you live in California, you’re automatically considered Mexican; if you live in New York, you’re Puerto Rican, and if you live in Miami, you’re Cuban. So yes, people usually assume I’m Mexican – but today, on Cinco de Mayo, aren’t we all? ;D Hope you have a happy and safe one!

Back to our trip – I love this pic of my boys. I have no clue what the thing in the background is supposed to be, so if anyone knows, could ya let me know?
My oldest is (mostly) a protective big brother, and I love how in pics he always embraces his little brother with such affection.

Here are my men during an ice cream break:
It was a welcome respite from the Southern California heat.

My oldest with “the ladies” – that’s what he calls girls.
“Yeah mom, the ladies like to chase us during recess”.

Surprisingly, my youngest did NOT face plant after this:
Although I was worried.

Another busy day, then back to the rooms for a much-needed bath and night’s sleep.

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