Garden update

No sweet corn on the cob for us yet
although we found a snail cozily nestled in the leaves – grrrrrr!!!

Our grapes keep growing
My husband has hopes of grape jelly but considering how quickly our kids eat any blueberry that matures, I doubt we’ll have enough enough grapes at any one time to make a batch of jelly.

This is what potatoes look like when you push aside the veritable jungle of leaves that grow over them
you can wait to unearth them when the leaves die off, or you can “grabble” them and eat them when young and tender

We planted yellow (on the left) and white (right) potatoes
You leave them in the sun for a couple of hours so the skins harden a bit. When you first take them out you can pretty much just rub the skins off.

The first baby tomatoes are making their appearances
I needed some tomato cages and my son insisted we get more tomato plants, so I hope we have a ton of tomatoes this summer!!!

That’s the happenings in our backyard – are you growing any veggie goodness this year?

One thought on “Garden update

  1. Claudia!I'm so proud of you! Really! This is beautiful! Can you believe it? It's in your backyard. So cool!We grow some lettuce, cooking herbs and my kids planted some flowers too. 🙂 It's really special, right?xoLuciane at

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