Neighbors and classmates!

A few months ago I posted about my friend L. who lives around the corner from our house. We met when my oldest and her daughter were infants, and now, they are in the same class at school!

Here are the kiddos during a playdate, which honestly was more for us moms to drink coffee and chill than for them to do any real playing 😀

Now we see each other every weekday and had a playdate the week before school started:


Look at those sweet faces! They wouldn’t sit still so I got all blurry pics. Then they got silly and started to make faces ;D

What a trip to see these two grow up. I’m very happy that they’re classmates now and both her mom and I volunteer at the school so we get to hang out then, too.

We were bummed last year because none of my boy’s friends that live close to us were in his school. Now he has a friend he’s known forever.

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