Christmas lights

This is what one side of the house looks like at night:

I would show you the other side but cars are parked in front ;D

The wreath looks so festive with the lights – all white – and in front there is a net of lights thrown over the ivy bush so the elephant on the ball can rest there. My boys were obsessed with all things elephant and we just had to get that decoration for them. They also love the snowman and little elf next to the elephant.

You can barely make this out but it looks so cool in person – to the right of the windows you may see some large snowflakes falling on the wall. My husband found this projector years ago that has disks for every holiday – hearts for Valentines, pumpkins for Halloween, etc. – that we project at the appropriate time of year. It adds a little flair to the outside of our house. We don’t have a porch, just a little entryway that is pretty dark so most of the decorations and lights are on this side of the house.

Things are ramping up to our holiday weekend, we’re visiting with friends and relatives and I am enjoying seeing this wonderful time through my boys eyes. That’s truly the best gift of all.

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