Hair product love

I am telling you, this turning forty thing has been so far, so good – I FINALLY decided to throw out all the nasty hair products that I’d been accumulating for years, none of them left my hair looking the way I wanted. I went into the beauty supply store with the last of my birthday money and got a few products that have completely transformed my hair. The saleslady was very knowledgeable and not pushy at all, I told her what my hair issues were and she suggested some options. This is what I ended up getting:

hair love

In order of use

1 – Matrix Biolage Aqua Immersion Creme Masque – A wonderful deep conditioner, I let it sit in my hair for at least 5 minutes and it leaves it so silky and soft. I do have to make sure I rinse it out very, very well or it can leave my hair way too slippery for styling.
2 – Pureology Blow Dry Amplifier – You work it through the damp hair and then blow dry your hair. I would say this product has singlehandedly changed the results of my blow-drying. I’ve used it on days where I didn’t use products 1 or 3 and the results were still pretty amazing.
3 – Pureology ShineMax – The final touch for a perfect, glossy mane.

So, these are the products that have completely transformed my hair. I used mousse for years and finally realized it was drying out my hair too much. I have lots of hair but it’s very thin and super damaged. The back of my head has always been a frizz ball, no matter how much product I added AFTER blow-drying. Now I use the Pureology Amplifier and no more frizz ball!

I don’t have any good pics of my hair before but I’ll try to get a few shots soon ;D

2 thoughts on “Hair product love

  1. I would have fun tossing all my old hair products. I don’t have anything I LOVE right now. And I have the opposite problem-may hair is so thick. Though it gets frizzy too. Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season!

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