Leprechaun Trap!

Ah, the much awaited leprechaun trap. Last year my son was in kindergarten and I saw all the first graders proudly parading their creations — and now it’s his turn!

With his dad’s help, they created a seemingly innocent structure in friendly hunter green. A helpful ladder led to the top . . .

And what is that I see? A rainbow? And Lucky Charms?
Come on, little leprechaun, it’s only a few steps to the bounty!!!
Just ignore those lines of moss, they’re not hiding anything like cuts on the floor . . .

My sweet boy displaying his leprechaun trap.

I think they’re going to catch one or two greedy leprechauns, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Leprechaun Trap!

  1. so cute. Love the rainbow. =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog. i am glad you like it.
    My husbands sister lives in Sollentuna…close to Solna in Sweden. =) I live at the other side of the country like 8 hours from Stockholm..but i grow up at Vallentuna 30 minutes from Solna. =) Hope she like Sweden.

    have a great day.

    1. My SIL lived in Sollentuna for a while, now they are in Solna and awaiting their first baby in May. She is a little cold but otherwise happy in Sweden šŸ˜€

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