She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

I’m linking up to the awesome Michaela’s She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not linky party ;D

She Loves Me

1. My family – I love my husband and boys more than anything!!

2. Having a big backyard for my boys to play in and for me to grow veggies in.

3. Nail polish! I am late to this game but I love wearing all sorts of weird colors on my nails.

4. My homeland – Peru – and my dear family and friends who are there. I am planning on going to get some yummy Peruvian food on Saturday, if any locals would like to try Peruvian food, you should!!! ;D

5. Throwing parties! Seriously, I love it. It always gets a little hectic right before but I love putting things together, coming up with ideas with my husband, and seeing them come to life ;D

She Loves Me Not

1. People who think like this. Who don’t care about anyone else’s wishes and only think about what they want. (pic from Pinterest)

2. Cliques. They’re bad in high school and downright pathetic in adulthood. (pic from Pinterest)

3. Factory farmed food. I am guilty as hell of enjoying meat but one of my goals this year is to have more meals be made without factory farmed animals. Pic from here.

4. Empire waists and horizontal stripes. I’m 5’1″, with big boobs and hips. This dress would make me look like a pregnant circus tent. Dress from Old Navy.

5. That I am so far from Paris ;D

8 thoughts on “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

  1. I love the nail polish! I have some pink sparkle polish that looks like that but I have a hard time keeping it from chipping. Have any fave ideas to prevent that? Also I’m with you on those dresses. I’m also of the shape to make them look terrible; it always seems like empire waists on larger chests either float in the middle of your boobs or worse make them pop out the top! wretched!

    1. As I sit here with chipped polish 😀 I would say, a good top coat, which I always forget to apply. oops. yeah, I can’t wait for the day empire waists go away!

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