Things my kid has said

Yeah, this is going to be a “isn’t my kid funny?” posts, so if that sort of thing makes you want to gag, feel free to hit the Backspace button 😀

My oldest has inherited his daddy’s gift of gab (and of arguing his way out of situations!)  so since he started talking, he’s come up with some funny ways of expressing his thoughts with his limited language.

The first one I remember was “nose sauce” — back when he was 2, I think.

He was very aware of his body and things that happened and wanted to name everything. Since he didn’t know the term “runny nose” he came up with his own.

Another one was “sky car” — vehicles have always been important 😀

The funny thing is, he said “vroom vroom” for car, but an airplane was “sky car”. Our backyard is right under a landing path for the local airport, so in the evenings we used to go out back and just watch the planes go by. They still do, of course, but it’s not as important now, LOL.

One of the latest terms, and the reason I started thinking back to other stuff he’d come up with, is “armpit grease” — seriously, the kid runs around like a maniac most of the day, so of course, he gets sweaty. I am SO not looking forward to the teenage years with my boys, mostly because every friend I’ve watched Bridesmaids with points at me when this scene comes up. My only comment is, it’s “graduated FROM high school”, thank you.

Not looking forward to the blanket-cracking years.

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