Cookbook Review: Chloe’s Kitchen

When I learned that a Vegan chef had won an episode of Cupcake Wars, I must admit I was intrigued.  I have dabbled in vegetarianism and veganism a few times but always fall back to my carnivore ways.  My husband and children are usually less-than-enthused by veg dishes and I end up demoralized and go back to our usual fare.

HOWEVER!  I went through the aforementioned chef’s website – – and her recipes seemed very doable and accessible. I’m already very familiar with non-dairy milks because of my son (and my own) lactose issues, so I decided to purchase her new cookbook and give some of her recipes a try.

The first one was a Bolognese sauce for my pasta-addicted household. Yes, we love our carbs over here. My oldest usually likes his pasta with just a little butter, but when he saw my husband eating his pasta with the delicious bean-mushroom based sauce, he asked for some. And then some more. My youngest cleaned his plate with no problem, and so did the rest of us. I liked that the texture of the pasta wasn’t slimy like when I try to make a Bolognese sauce with faux meat. Score 1 for Chloe, and for me!

The next recipe I tried was Chloe’s Fettuccine Alfredo. Now, my husband LOVES his Fettuccine Alfredo so I knew he might not be ok with a substitute sauce for one of his favorite dishes. He has been very good at trying new things, since we made a vow on January 1st to eat healthier. For the most part, we have kept our promise. Keeping it real here, he loves pizza and ice cream and I love chocolate, but I figure if we’re eating well most of the time, a little indulgence here and there isn’t a bad thing. So I made the vegan Fettuccine Alfredo and, out of the corner of my eye, watched him eat it. He loved it! The sauce was very creamy and flavorful, and I liked that I can get the ingredients at my regular store, unlike the ingredients for some other faux-cream sauces I have seen.

I have not been compensated in any way for this post; I am just super happy to have found healthier versions of some favorite recipes. If you’re looking for new, flavorful recipes to try, give Chloe’s Kitchen a try!

5 thoughts on “Cookbook Review: Chloe’s Kitchen

  1. Have her book and while I am not into sweets I loved the main meal dishes, which ironically are not seen as ‘vegan’ in our home, but simply great tasting non meat, dairy recipes. Sometimes I think more folks eat ‘vegan’ even on occasion, but dont call it ‘vegan’. Just great food.

  2. I don’t eat much meat but have found it hard to give up completely, let alone cut out dairy. It sounds like I could do with Chloe’s recipes. Thanks for the tip, and thanks also for dropping in and saying Hi. Have a beautiful weekend!

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