Girl Crush: Evan Rachel Wood

I’ve stopped watching award shows in the last couple of years. These days, I am relegated to hashtagging it on Twitter to find out who wins and then watching the acceptance speeches plus whatever interesting bits happened during the show, on YouTube. Such is the life when children take over your telly.

A couple of years ago, I was reading one of those “Best Dressed” articles online and Evan Rachel Wood caught my eye.

I mean, hello, the makeup is absolute perfection, the updo formal enough but messy and youthful, and the dress suited to her figure AND the event.

I made a mental note to see if this was a one-time-lucky kind of thing, and was thrilled to see ERW as Queen Sophie-Anne in True Blood.

Here’s another red carpet apeearance:

Honestly, I think she is one of those rare creatures who can do just about any kind of colorway when it comes to her hair and makeup. I’ve seen pics of ERW as an angelic light blonde, as a dirty blonde, redhead, brunette, and everywhere in between. Nude lips, pink lips, rose lips, red lips, she can pull off just about any color and she can play good, bad, innocent, lost, evil, you name it.

Then she went and did something that has been the kiss of death for many a starlet – she cut off her hair. And, no sh**, she still looks amazing!
Innocent in her little haircut

Kick-ass and androgynous

OWNING that red carpet!

And seriously, I don’t think MY feet have looked this smooth since I was a week old:

Now, my husband just asked me if ERW is my style muse. To be honest, no. Mostly because of the boobs. There’s no way I can pull off the super low-cut styles she rocks because it would look pretty tacky with my D-cups. Also, my skin coloring limits what hair color I can get away with — I just appreciate someone who can be so put together in such varied ways. Obviously, if might be her stylists who are doing all the putting together, but ERW absolutely OWNS her looks. Whether it is a vest and pants or a white couture shirt dress, she doesn’t look like most generic starlets of her generation.

And when she can pull off a look that is so generic in show biz — the pretty blonde

and still make it her own, I admire that.

2 thoughts on “Girl Crush: Evan Rachel Wood

  1. Fabulous choice! I have watched her since “Thirteen” and have seen her dating Marilyn Manson and in other movies like “The Wrestler”, in “Mildred Pierce” and now “True Blood”. She can do all different types of looks and pulls them off with a confident expression and fab smile.

    Now I can’t use her for a girl crush of the week on my blog. Lol.

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