Stepping Stones

My family and I have been making some stepping stones for our backyard — some of them with leaves pressed into the wet cement as embellishment.

This lavender one is my favorite!

My oldest made this T-Rex stone:

We had a ton of glass stones (vase fillers) so I used up a few on a monogram:

Here, after a few days:

With round glass beads, I made a fleur-de-lis motif. I can’t draw freehand to save my life so I found a picture I liked, traced the outline and then cut it out, laid it gently on the wet cement, and outlined it with the glass stones.

When the cement had solidified a little but still had some give, I stamped in our last name and the current year:

I am very happy with the finished look of the stones, and we’ll be making some more before summer is over — hope you all have a wonderful week!

6 thoughts on “Stepping Stones

  1. Love them all, but yes…the lavander one is also my favorite but that is only because we love all things lavander. May I ask if you used and mesh screening in the cemenet to help make it more sturdy so it wont crack when stepped on or when cold weather comes?

  2. ( this is Claudia’s husband ) We’ve used screen, wire, and in some cases rebar in previous builds. But for these, we used a ultra strong masonry concrete with a working time of about 30 mins (available at Home Cheapo or sLowes ). The ratio of water to mix was low so it gave a very high strength factor as well. Out here in Cali, we don’t get hard freezes so we didn’t need to worry much about cold. With the stones well over 2 inches thick and level packed ground below them, they should last many years. If I had had some sand to lay them on, I would have… but meh – if they break we can make new ones 🙂

    1. Actually we here in the California Sierras do get hard freezes and have since my family came here in the 1800’s (smiling) Plan on making some of the stepping stones this week and will use the construction cloth pieces left over from a chicken coop project.

      1. My mom lives up in the mountains past by Lake Almanor so they do get freezes, but not where we live. We’re in cozy Silicon Valley 😀

      2. Go ahead and rub it in I can take it. Its so nice a warm outside today, and our vegetable garden is growing so well, but you are blessed to be closer to the ocean should you want an outing. Although we have a couple nice white water rivers nearby.

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