My family and I have been making some stepping stones for our backyard — some of them with leaves pressed into the wet cement as embellishment.

This lavender one is my favorite!

My oldest made this T-Rex stone:

We had a ton of glass stones (vase fillers) so I used up a few on a monogram:

Here, after a few days:

With round glass beads, I made a fleur-de-lis motif. I can’t draw freehand to save my life so I found a picture I liked, traced the outline and then cut it out, laid it gently on the wet cement, and outlined it with the glass stones.

When the cement had solidified a little but still had some give, I stamped in our last name and the current year:

I am very happy with the finished look of the stones, and we’ll be making some more before summer is over — hope you all have a wonderful week!