The rare, but welcome, second wave

A few weeks ago we had to get all the plums off the tree. The branches were so heavy that they were falling down, full of fruit, and making a lovely (messy) red carpet. It was too hot to make any baked goods so I made a plum granita that was a hit with us, friends, and family. A couple of days later we were out making sure there were no more plums and my husband said, “hey, look over there”. I looked up to the right of the plum tree, and what do I see?

Dozens and dozens of avocados, gracing us with a second wave of goodness this year. Unexpected, but oh so welcome!

It does not happen every year, in fact some years we do not get avocados at all, but this year we had a really good harvest, and it looks like we’ll have another one.

More than 100 of these beauties to enjoy and share — avocados hold a special place in my heart (and belly), not only because of all the goodness we’ve enjoyed but also because they bring back such good memories. Back in Peru, a typical lunch for me would have been toast with mashed avocado and a bit of salt sprinkled on top, yum yum. And both my boys love avocados, they both ate one every day when they were first eating solid foods, so I am happy to see these green lovelies, and hope to make lots of yumminess with them this fall!

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