My word for 2013

Given that I am a very lucky girl – lovely husband, lovely children, lovely family and friends, lovely readers!!! – it took me a while to figure out how to narrow down my desire for the upcoming new year. More than anything, I want to make sure I make as much time as possible for those people who make my life worth living.

The first word was LESS – as in, LESS stuff, LESS things to fill up my house, LESS clothes that I don’t wear and just take up space, LESS energy put into friendships that have run their course. I find myself so overwhelmed at times with so many things I want to do, that I end up doing none of them. At least none of them are done well, and then, what is really the point?

But simply getting rid of things or clothes or projects wasn’t really enough. I do want to do all those things, but what about what is left behind? I don’t want to spend 2013 just ridding myself of items or wasted emotions. I want to enjoy 2013, and, hopefully, many years after that.

So instead of LESS, I chose FOCUS.

In 2013, I plan to be more particular about projects that I tackle, things that I purchase, and what I invest my time and energy in. Because I want what is chosen to mean more. And less time wasted on half-hearted projects means more time to spend with my family and dear friends. It is very difficult for me to maintain focus, so I think this will be a true challenge, but a rewarding one.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming year. Our first bash of 2013 is our Annual New Year’s Day Brunch; we provide all the waffles people can eat and our guests bring whatever else they want to enjoy, like OJ, bacon, eggs, etc. I am working on some sparkly items to decorate – see you next year!

The Lettered Cottage

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