I’ll Be In My Bunk

Steve and I used to watch Firefly, a great show from Joss Whedon that didn’t do so well in ratings but is, to this day, much beloved by fans. It was a sci-fi show with the twist that it had a western theme to it. It had good characters, good stories, and eventually a movie was made, called Serenity.

Imagine my delight when my favorite indie makeup shop, Sweet Libertine, launched a line of eyeshadows based on Firefly – woot!!!

I’ve purchased from Sweet Libertine before and been very happy with the products and customer service. My eyes are uber sensitive and I’ve never had any problems with their eyeshadows. I recently ordered three from the Firefly collection, which has names that refer to all sorts of moments in the show: This Food is Problematic, Captain Tight Pants, and I’ll Be In My Bunk. I also ordered a couple of blush samples, Cosmopolitan, and Glowing, which btw, is a pretty darn good dupe for NARS’ Orgasm.

Glowing blush

I’ll share my new pretties with you all when I receive them – no one has paid me or given me product for this post, I am happy to support a company that remains dedicated to quality control, NO animal testing, superior quality and that makes products that I can actually wear 😀 If you’ve been looking for some pretty spring or summer makeup, go check out Sweet Libertine!

* Oh, and about “I’ll Be in My Bunk”, it’s my favorite quote from the show. Let me try to explain it: The crew includes a Companion who entertains various men as the crew travel from place to place. When it is revealed her latest client is a woman, one of the others in the crew takes in this information, pauses for a second, and mutters “I’ll be in my bunk.”

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be In My Bunk

  1. My hubby was a huge fan of Firefly and I confess I kept one eye on it too, if only to check out my competition (Jewel Staite, I believe). If I thought this make-up could make me look like her, I’d buy the whole lot! Please do report back…

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