Past Projects: Our Kitchen and Dining Room

The first project we tackled when we moved in to our home in August 2004, was the kitchen/dining room. The cabinets needed to go, and the general color, although light, was very dingy and dreary. The white appliances probably didn’t help, and the tile wasn’t our favorite either:



That’s our realtor in the last picture πŸ˜€

We decided to go bold and my husband chose a warm red for the walls – Briquette by Behr and honey colored cabinets with a granite top. He and a friend did the demo and my husband’s uncle hooked us up with the cabinets and granite.

Now here is the dining room as you walk in from the living room

Our hutches are both from IKEA

The door goes into the laundry room/pantry area and then into the garage

I found these sweet fleur-de-lis candles on clearance at Pier One – score!

My fridge is covered in picture magnets as you can see

I love the hanging pot rack so much that we added another one – saves so much storage space!

I have a lazy susan to the left of the stove with my oils, vinegars and often-used condiments, some of them I’ve decanted onto glass bottles and labeled with chalkboard labels. On top of the microwave are our Torani syrups. We had a Torani bar at our wedding since it was kind of our signature to offer guests an Italian soda πŸ˜€
Next to the fridge on the counter you can see the most often used ingredients in the house – oatmeal, peanut butter and honey. I recently stopped using the instant packets and now make the less sugary kind, with just a dash of honey. My youngest sure loves his oatmeal!!!

I love my kitchen and dining room, it is warm and inviting with colors that draw you in. I hope you’ve enjoyed look at this Past Project!

2 thoughts on “Past Projects: Our Kitchen and Dining Room

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