My husband the sniffer

If you’re ever out and about and some dude comes up to you and asks you what perfume you’re wearing, and he looks nice rather than sleazy, you may just have met my husband.

Seriously. My “scent bar” is full of fragrances that he bought me after smelling them on other women 😀

From left to right: neighbor, friend, waitress at Legoland, friend.

Currently I also have Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf, which I got back when I worked at Nordstrom one holiday season. I tend to like warm, vanilla-type scents over green or overly floral scents. Other scents I have liked include Thierry Mugler’s Angel, which I wore on my wedding day, Chanel Chance, and Flower by Kenzo, which my husband knocked off the edge of the sink in our master bedroom and it got smashed into a zillion pieces. I think he’s been trying to make up for that ever since.

Since my boys are off school in a couple of weeks and there is No Way I am taking them to Sephora, I bought my husband his Father’s Day gift today. I won’t share which fragrance I got for him (yet), except that the friend I met up with later recommended the same scent I had bought. She also said she liked my makeup, which was funny because I looked into one of the mirrors in Sephora, panicked, and slapped some Laura Mercier foundation powder (love this stuff!!!) and a bit of Dior gloss in Night Fantasy. I’ve never bought $30 lip gloss but now I might, since we have similar coloring and I trust her opinion 😀

Tomorrow is my mama’s birthday – she is having a great time in Peru so I will have to save her birthday present for when she gets back in a few weeks. Happy Birthday, mommy!!!

6 thoughts on “My husband the sniffer

  1. Your title cracked me up.
    I like to smell new fragrances, but rarely do it in Sephora because there are SO many, and I get a headache quickly.
    Happy Birthday to mom! 🙂

  2. “Waitress at Legoland” – that’s wonderful! Actually, I think you’re lucky your husband has great scent ‘taste’ and can translate smells on others to something that would be lovely on you. I was given some perfume which the giver had smelled on somebody else… and it was way too strong for my tastes!

    1. Agreed, it could go badly but so far I’ve liked everything he’s picked out. Then again, I call him my “straight Tim Gunn” because he can look at something on a shop window and say “that will look good on you” and he’s right. It’s kind of disturbing 😀

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