Pretty lady underthings

I don’t remember the quality of garments being so poor when I was growing up. Now it seems that a piece of clothing will last only if you are lucky, and that goes for undergarments as well. Last year I purchased some new bras at a very popular underpretties place, and within 4-5 weeks the wires were poking through at the ends. About 6 months later, I bought a couple more and the same thing happened.

This time I decided to try another store and ended up being very happy with my purchases. The bras I bought were the Maidenform Comfort Devotion Embellished Extra Coverage in both the nude color below and in black:

I also bought this gorgeous DKNY Balconette bra:

I got coordinating underpretties for both types of bras, and as of now, they are the two types of bras I will be purchasing from now on. Having the right type of undergarment sets me up for a day of comfort, and not worrying about having to adjust, tug, or pull, all day long.

Have a wonderful week!

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