Friday Five

1 – Check out this adorable fall printable from The TomKat Studio – isn’t it sweet? And it’s free!

2 – I am so happy that Luca won on MasterChef!!! According to my husband, I didn’t like him at first, but now I think he’s just darling! I was rooting for him all the way.

3 – Must remember to not rest my face on the doggie. I was petting her and bent down to give her a little hug and now I sit here with the left side of my face covered in welts. Steve put meds on it and I took some Benadryl, but I tell ya, it’s taking all my willpower to not scratch off my skin.

4 – We’re making pretzels! They will be awesome with the grape jam Steve made.

5 – My dear friend J and I have been going over what crafts we are going to do together this fall. A few of them can be found here – we also like to make cookies for each holiday, and get our kiddos to decorate them. Good times!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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