Nail woes

The other day I IG’d this picture of my sad, sad little cuticles:

Sorry if you were in the middle of eating. Pretty nasty, right? I do wash my hands five trillion times a day, so I am sure that is not helping my dry skin at all, but to be honest, I have also tried a few lotions, creams, and cuticle oils and the result is always the same: Within twenty minutes, my skin looks dry and horrid again.

I know how glamorous (ha) my life must seem, but let me break it to ya: I don’t have time to apply stuff every twenty minutes. I need something that works, that I can apply in the morning and at night, and maybe apply once in the middle of the day. That’s the level of my commitment.

I am a sucker for pictures of pretty manicures even though I keep my nails super short, and I read a comment mentioning a product called Nail Butter. They are American-made and cruelty-free. I won’t preach about choosing cruelty-free products; right now I am educating myself and I have gotten rid of a few things. I plan on ridding myself of more and choosing cruelty-free products, but as slippery as that slope is, it’s not the point of this post. Nail Butter is not gifting me anything, I have placed an order and am awaiting its arrival and I hope it makes my cuticles better. Not because I am vain, but because I want my skin to be healthy and the skin around my nails just looks gross.

Will keep y’all posted – I know, please try to control your excitement – on how things go. For now, though, if I run into you, please don’t look at my hands ;D

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