Radiant Orchid – are you game?

Pantone’s color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, a vibrant color that is surprisingly easy to incorporate to your wardrobe or makeup routine.

Sephora is partnering with Pantone and has released a signature lipstick in Radiant Rush (1). This color is bright and attention-getting. If you’re not quite sure about it, you can try a beautiful gloss like Illamasqua’s Tantrum (2). After all, I love my Givenchy Velvet Purple gloss, which my darling husband gifted me.

If you want to try this lovely shade on your eyes, check out the innovative way makeup goddess katosu wears it under her lower lashes (3). Isn’t her work stunning?

Old Navy has a plain v-neck shirt (4) that would be a welcome spot of brightness this winter, or you could go for a scarf (5) from Nordstrom, or even a pair of pumps (6) for the office.

The ways you can incorporate Radiant Orchid to your look are endless. I’m going to check out my Old Navy because you can never have too many v-neck t-shirts. At least I can’t. When you’re 5’1″ and have big boobs, v-necks are your friends. I will totally admit to being smitten with Lenny Kravitz as Cinna in The Hunger Games and buying a gold eyeliner, so a Radiant Orchid-esque eyeliner is in my future.

Are you game for adding some of this lovely shade to your life?

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