Our Wisconsin house

I figured it’s about time I show y’all a little bit more of our new house.

Isn’t it beautiful?

This is the living room, right now we have the TV console with a TV on top (priorities, people!) and the cable and internet services were installed yesterday. No furniture other than a folding table and four accordingly-folding chairs. Gas fireplace and a taller mantel than I’ve ever had to decorate in my life. Hmmmm.

We get lots of light, obviously, with all these huge window spaces, and we might have to go with two-story curtains, as the afternoon light comes straight in and you get glare on the TV, but that will be something to be done later. My very vague idea for this area is a neutrals/mixed metals sort of thing that can easily be changed around for holidays or parties with a few colorful accents.

The kitchen is gorgeous, love the stonework and the lighting. It has traditional colors and fixtures but it is open and bright and airy.

The dining area also gets lots of light, and both it and the living room windows look out onto a line of trees marking the edge of our property and two fields beyond that, one is corn and the other one I believe is soy.

The hardwood floors are lovely. My husband suggested a glass-top dining table, but it seems 99% of them have some kind of futuristic-looking base that puts us both off. I’d love to find a glass-top on something like this one.

There is a master suite downstairs with his and hers walk-in closets:

and a gorgeous bathroom.

The boys’ will have their own rooms and they are the ones sleeping most comfortably already thanks to the kindness of Steve’s boss and his wife, who had twin beds they no longer used and passed them on to us. Our bed arrived yesterday but we have no mattress for it, yet.

I tell you, starting from scratch is very, very frustrating sometimes. There isn’t a single comfortable place to sit in the house right now. We have office chairs and folding chairs, but that’s it.

The piece de resistance upstairs, however, is the “bonus room.” Okay, in California, a bonus room usually means something the size of a closet. Behold the 35-foot-long behemoth bonus room that will be the domain of my children:


We figure this will be a great game room, craft room, a place for them to have their friends over and hang out. It is fully wireless-ed and internet-ed, of course, and most of the toys have been making their way up there.

We got the washer and dryer a couple of days ago, which has made my life easier. I got two laundry baskets so each boy can take the one with his clean and folded clothes upstairs (laundry is in the main level) and put them away in his room.

There is a huge basement, unfinished, which will be my husband’s big project for the next two years. We do want to have a living area there, and it is already wired and plumbed so it will be its own little apartment. There is also plenty of space for our storage and my husband’s workshop, since you know he’s already making plans for Halloween and the holidays.

So this is our new house, I love the palette inside, the off white walls with the cherry wood, the lighting is lovely, the fixtures are all brushed nickel, which goes so well with the dark wood. We have stuff all over everywhere, unpacking boxes and trying to figure out where they will go. Once we have our bed, living room furniture and dining set I think we’ll have a much better idea of how things will fit. We brought most of our things, our decorations, photos, frames, etc. but no big furniture other than dressers and hutches, etc.

Foxy is learning quickly where the heating vents are 😀 She’s adjusting well and is busy exploring the back yard. She was such a great traveler and my oldest continues to dote on his “yum yum girl.”

I will (hopefully) have pictures of this weekend’s furniture shopping – follow me on Instagram for more up-to-date pics. Have a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Our Wisconsin house

  1. What a great house…you are really out in the country! I hope you will be very happy there. I have a glass topped dining table, with a rattan base…it’s lovely…but it does show every speck of dust, and fingerprint…just so you know! 😉

    1. Thanks for the advice 😀 We ended up going with a regular wood top table. I am loving it out here, it is so quiet and I love the cold weather. Everything should start blooming soon so it will be lovely to experience spring.

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