What fresh hell is this?

Ah, Dorothy Parker, if only you were around now.

My Easter was spent in a delightful quarant-storm of Schitt’s Creek, knitting, and Dungeons & Dragons. I bought a Schitt-load of candy despite the fact that the Easter Bunny (and Santa, and the Tooth Fairy) stop bringing presents and/or money when kids turn 13.

My husband and I decided on that a long time ago, about the time we bought 20 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper so we could wrap “Santa’s gifts” in the same paper every year for thirteen years.

Remember the old days, when we could make plans for years in the future?

I have, rather surprisingly, been at my full-time job for ten months now, and since we deal with people’s money, I am going to work as usual.

I’ve also been on a major reading kick, with Fantasy YA fiction (what?) my favorite genre, and historical fiction a close second.

But the knitting, oh the knitting. It continues, undeterred, from my early-stage arthritic hands, my feverish, Ravelry-addicted brain, and any well-meaning intentions of curbing my stash or paring down my queue just don’t stand a chance.

My choices have mostly been work-appropriate tops like the recently-finished Zweig I wore today.

Here I graciously combine my two favorite hobbies – knitting and Dungeons and Dragons!

My next FO (finished object for the uninitiated) is a deliciously warm sweater and since I live in Wisconsin, that means I still have some time to wear it. Here it is before I finished the first sleeve.

For some reason, this is the year of pink for my knitting. I am obsessing over every pink yarn I see – not too blue, though – and I want to make all the pink and rose tops. My 90s self is probably cringing right now.

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