My bump, my bump

No, not THAT kind of bump. I mean the kind of bump that gets you a date to have said bump removed and biopsied.

It all started in June when I felt a little lump right behind my elbow. Long story short, by late November it had grown enough to be painful and limit my range of motion. It was on my right elbow and I’m right-handed, of course, so daily chores became difficult.

Last week I had surgery. My husband has been about two thirds across the country (will tell you all about that soon) so his parents were kind enough to help me out, drive me to and from the hospital, and drive my boys to and from school the whole week since I was not able to.

The incision itself ended up being about 2 1/2 inches, but I was bandaged from mid-arm to mid-forearm.

I usually do not like taking painkillers, but when it’s surgery pain, I don’t mess around, so I’ve been pretty good about taking my meds and keeping the elbow elevated. My mother in law kindly colored my hair and wrapped my arm in plastic so I could shower. She and a friend took me to the mall because I was going crazy stuck in the house.

My boys have been awesome, so helpful and sweet, and since our sofa has recliner chairs, we’ve slept on the sofa. They wanted to be near me in case I needed something in the middle of the night. Foxy joined us so it was a long sofa-ful of blankets all week.

On Thursday I got the news that the biopsy results were negative and there was nothing to worry about – WOOT!!! My husband came home last night and we had a fun evening with friends, chocolate, and port. The boys are now on holiday break and we can have a few days to enjoy as a family, and to see friends we haven’t seen in a while.

I hope this week is a wonderful one for you, whether you celebrate the holidays or not.

One announcement Two

First of all, how is it almost April? Good grief. This year is so getting away from me. I am in planning mode for a party next month, plus I wanted to share some news with y’all. So far I’ve come up with Red Wedding Cupcakes for the Game of Thrones station 😀

Ok, onto the news: I’m happy to tell you guys that I am a new Stella & Dot stylist! WOOT!!! I am super excited about this new venture. I love putting looks together and playing with sparkly pretties, so hey, I am already having a lot of fun with this.

Some of you who know me a little bit more will remember that I used to make jewelry. I had a pretty successful business back in the ’00s and still play around with beads and things. However, and I guess this is kind of an announcement in the sense that I haven’t talked about it before, but mostly it’s because I just don’t keep much to myself. I’ve mentioned my youngest son’s autism, my hysterectomy, etc. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I take Paxil, but ha, I just did. I am super happy and love my life — there’s always that pesky 5% of the time when I want to throw someone out the window — but I have accepted that my brain needs some extra goodness in order not to be on a continuous emotional rollercoaster. Nothing wrong with that. However, what I actually wanted to mention today is that I was making some jewelry last weekend after going through my craft tower, and it’s just become a fact that arthritis is taking its toll on my hands. Which is why I haven’t crocheted in a while, and why I am glad that project is an afghan for the FALL. Both my parents had/have it pretty badly, my darling dad had to have surgery on his knee because the arthritis was making his life miserable with severe pain, and my mom has constant pain on her limbs. I do plan on seeing my doctor to see what they can do for me, as well as adapting my diet.

Point is, I don’t think I can make jewelry on a constant basis in order to make it a business, but I CAN sell beautiful, on trend, colorful jewelry that can make an outfit. Like so:

Aren’t they gorgeous???

Anyway, you’ll probably see me sporting some of the Stella & Dot beauties around town and I’m wishing for a lot of fun and some good opportunities! Hope Monday treated you well!


I’ve been a little MIA for the past few days but today was a very colorful day 😀

I met up with my college friend Carina at our usual nail place and I got that pretty shade of warm red. It’s Essie’s Formal Affair and I LOVE it! I had a bunch of dark reds and glittery reds and burgundies, but they’re more of a fall or holiday feel for me, so I wanted a nice, warm tomato red. This one looks like bright red jello and it makes me smile.

I’m also working on my 3rd beret – I tell you, my mom got me re-addicted to crocheting – and this one is made of a rainbow yarn. Unfortunately I think one of my cats ran off with the tag so I don’t have the brand and name right now – boo.

This one was my first beret, modeled by my awesome and very glamorous friend M.

Next Tuesday I will be undergoing laparoscopic surgery – apparently a bunch of cysts have decided to build a condo building on one of my Fallopian tubes. Or the remains anyway, since I had a hysterectomy almost 4 years ago. The doctor does not foresee having to remove my ovaries at this point so I hope that is, indeed, the case. I have a mini stash of yarn to keep me busy as well as a very nice debut novel I will be reviewing on this very blog. I bet you didn’t know I used to be a book reviewer, eh? Mostly romances but also other fiction and biographies. I am almost done with the book and am taking my Kindle with me everywhere so I can read a few pages here and there. Lovely friends and family are helping with school and karate rides for the boys and keeping me company during the first few days.

If you are on Ravelry, I would love to friend you, you can find me here. My days are filled with pre-op appts., finalizing plans to make sure all is taken care of, and prepping some food to have a stash in the freezer. I will try to pop in before Tuesday – but if not, wish me well. See you soon!!!

Have you?

For you.
For your family.
For your friends.
For your future.
I hope you have, and if you haven’t and are in the right age bracket and/or have family history of breast cancer — go do it!

Cookbook Review: Chloe’s Kitchen

When I learned that a Vegan chef had won an episode of Cupcake Wars, I must admit I was intrigued.  I have dabbled in vegetarianism and veganism a few times but always fall back to my carnivore ways.  My husband and children are usually less-than-enthused by veg dishes and I end up demoralized and go back to our usual fare.

HOWEVER!  I went through the aforementioned chef’s website – – and her recipes seemed very doable and accessible. I’m already very familiar with non-dairy milks because of my son (and my own) lactose issues, so I decided to purchase her new cookbook and give some of her recipes a try.

The first one was a Bolognese sauce for my pasta-addicted household. Yes, we love our carbs over here. My oldest usually likes his pasta with just a little butter, but when he saw my husband eating his pasta with the delicious bean-mushroom based sauce, he asked for some. And then some more. My youngest cleaned his plate with no problem, and so did the rest of us. I liked that the texture of the pasta wasn’t slimy like when I try to make a Bolognese sauce with faux meat. Score 1 for Chloe, and for me!

The next recipe I tried was Chloe’s Fettuccine Alfredo. Now, my husband LOVES his Fettuccine Alfredo so I knew he might not be ok with a substitute sauce for one of his favorite dishes. He has been very good at trying new things, since we made a vow on January 1st to eat healthier. For the most part, we have kept our promise. Keeping it real here, he loves pizza and ice cream and I love chocolate, but I figure if we’re eating well most of the time, a little indulgence here and there isn’t a bad thing. So I made the vegan Fettuccine Alfredo and, out of the corner of my eye, watched him eat it. He loved it! The sauce was very creamy and flavorful, and I liked that I can get the ingredients at my regular store, unlike the ingredients for some other faux-cream sauces I have seen.

I have not been compensated in any way for this post; I am just super happy to have found healthier versions of some favorite recipes. If you’re looking for new, flavorful recipes to try, give Chloe’s Kitchen a try!

The Mammaliogram

If you ever watched AbFab, then you remember this conversation:

Patsy: You ever had the tit test?
Edina: The tit test?
Patsy: You know, the hand-tit test?
Edina: No I go to the clinic once a month, they do a mammaliogram.

The moment I realized it was my turn to have a mammogram, I immediately thought of AbFab. The real reason, however, is far from funny. I am going to be forty later this year, but my sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone a mastectomy.

This came as a shock to us as there was no history of cancer, that we know of, in our family. But as of now, there is a history so when I had my annual last week, I asked for a form for a mammogram. I’m making an appointment and buying myself a chocolate shake afterward as a reward. Not looking forward to having my boobs made into dorsal fins but it’s for a very good reason.