Organizing: Meal Planning

I’ve been slowly getting into the Once a Month cooking idea. Not completely, because with my boys being picky eaters and my husband needing lunch as well as dinner (he works from home) I couldn’t possibly cook an entire month’s worth of meals in one day. But, three times now I have cooked and made more than one “batch” of the same meal, twice to freeze for future meals and once to share with a dear friend.

The two meals I made to freeze were from Fix, Freeze, Feast and they were both delicious, but you can find freezer recipes throughout the web, and of course, at The Martha’s website. Some recipes I will try next week are Chicken and Rice soup, Mini Meatballs, and her Basil Pesto, with one modification: I prefer to make mine half basil and half spinach. The original recipe with all basil can be a bit overpowering to me, and I like the idea of squeezing in some extra veggies wherever I can.

Got any freezer-friendly recipes you’d like to share?

Organizing: Menu Planning

I have been planning weekly menus for the past few months and I have to say it has made a difference. From the amount of money we spend to the quality of the food my family eats, it’s a difference for the better.

I like to use AllRecipes because the reviews are real as opposed to a place like, where you have people praising the shit Sandra Lee “cooks” and Rachael Ray’s “recipes“. Come on.

Also, at AllRecipes, you select the recipes you want to cook and it creates a shopping list for you. Easy peasy. I recently made lasagna for the very first time – for a couple of foodie friends, no less – and it was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself.

My goal this year is to fine tune my menu planning process and try different cuisines. My husband loves Indian and Thai food so I will be trying some of those recipes this year. What are your favorite recipe sources?

Organizing: Weekly Outfits

The first step in finding a solution for a problem, as we all know, is to acknowledge there is a problem. In my case, there were two problems that prevented me from looking presentable when doing the school run.

One – I like to have stuff ready
Two – I panic when I have to make split-second decisions

This meant I ended up running out of the house in sweatpants and one of my husband’s t-shirts most days, because nothing in my own closet seemed to suit.

Now, with a little pre-planning, I am hardly likely to make Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List but at least I don’t look like complete and utter shit while dropping the boys at school.

No, I don’t make a pic like this every week, this is just for demonstration purposes 😀

What I do do is, set up my clothes and accessories on hangers so they are ready to go, and all I have to do is grab them and get dressed.

Every weekend I take 7 hangers for the upcoming week and first hang a pair of pants on the hanger bar, then take out some t-shirts/tanks/blouses and hang them on. If it’s going to be a chilly week, layer on the cardigan/jacket/sweater.

I also add the accessories at this point – any jewelry gets hung on the hanger, as do scarves if needed. Brooches/pins get put on the outer garment. If I think I’ll wear a hat, then I either stuff it in a pocket or lay it over the pants hanging inside.

This is just my little method to look respectable in the mornings. It works for me, it alleviates my panic (I take meds, but I’d rather make things as easy as I can) and I don’t need to think about it too much. Win-win!

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