Yesterday was the last day of school for my kindergartener. He was sick since last Sunday so he didn’t get to say goodbye to his teacher and classmates (my little one was sick the previous week so he didn’t say goodbye to preschool, either). I made up little business cards with my contact info and a note from him saying he wanted to stay in touch during the summer, and asked the teacher to stick them in his friends’ backpacks.

Every Thursday this past school year I went into my oldest’s classroom and did the packets to take home. It didn’t take me more than an hour or an hour and a half but it was lovely to see him in his classroom setting, interacting with new friends. He had a wonderful teacher, and I am glad she is staying on at the school at this time of budget cuts and layoffs.

Here are some moments from Aidan’s kinder year:
The last photo was taken at a breakfast tea the school staff hosted for parents and guardians who had helped out throughout the year. I qualified because of my Thursdays spent at school and it was a lovely morning.

Every achievement, every new photo of Aidan at school brought me both joy and sadness. Joy at seeing my son thrive in a new environment, and sadness that my dad wasn’t here to share in these moments. He would have been so damn proud of you, Aidan, I know we are!

Congratulations on moving on to first grade, my sweet boy!!!

I’m not a Belieber!

My oldest had his school walk-a-thon last Friday. It was the warmest day so far this year although it didn’t get miserably hot. He and his buddies are showing off how many laps they walked:
Or rather, how many laps two of them walked. The boy in the center, my son’s BFF, ran all 42 laps. His own mom was surprised. My thighs hurt just typing that, “ran all 42 laps.”

The teacher told the parents we could walk alongside our kids if we wanted to, so I joined my boy at about lap 8 (I’m no fool) – we did 7 laps together, then the DJ started playing that Baby Baby Baby song and I was walking around in the heat with a zillion tweens singing along and thank goodness right then my boy said he was tired. The goal for kinders was 15 laps so I told him we could just chill if he wanted. After the walk was over, the kids went in for lunch and then there was a carnival. My son was very happy I joined him for the carnival.

We ate pizza, popcorn and otter pops. We sat in the cool grass, under the tall trees and watched people. We met his teacher’s little baby and my ovaries started to hurt. He was all chubby grumpiness at first. I don’t blame him, I was scared they’d start playing another Justin Bieber song, too.

I’m joining my bloggy friend Donna’s Taking Care of You Tea Time this morning!

A moment

This morning I was at my sons’ school, helping out in my oldest’s classroom. I listened to him and his classmates singing their days of the week and their months of the year. The last syllable in December lasts longer, and goes higher, and it always makes me smile, to listen to all those sweet young voices singing it.

As I left, I stopped by the office to buy some Valentines for him. My little one has no classes there on Monday but my oldest does. They’re raising money by selling lollipops you can buy for $1 and they will be delivered to the classroom. I hope he likes them.

I went through the playground to get to my car and got sweet hugs from my boy, who was on recess. I also got some winks. Winks are awesome, and he does them so well. Then his BFF came up to me to get a hug, too.

I smiled as I got in my car, my boy and his friends playing in the cold, but sunny morning, their laughter a tender melody; my other boy learning more every day in his classroom, too.

It was a good moment. I love my life.
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