Kitchen shelves

My lovely husband got me some kitchen shelves a couple of months ago – I love them!

However, in the last couple of weeks the shelves became somewhat of a dump area:
I mean, honestly, 4 different bottles of Melatonin? We give it nightly to my youngest, and it’s the best spot to store it, but FOUR BOTTLES?

There were also assorted baggies of candy from birthday parties, condiment packets all over both shelves, and endless junk that got put there for no good reason.

I took everything down, gave the shelves a good clean, then decided to tighten the focus a little.

Instead of random cookbooks, I chose a few I mean to use in the next few weeks. This way, I can rotate cookbooks and try new recipes for my family.

I put away all the Melatonin bottles except one, and all the condiment packets went inside a recipe box. The cookbook on the upper right was given to me by my mother-in-law. I love the cheerful yellow, which also repeats in the adorable ramekins and the beignet mix box on the upper left. I left a few items I want to incorporate in our meals in the next weeks, like beignets (yum!), a crepe mix tin, and a garlic aioli mustard sauce I got at Trader Joe’s. This way, these new-to-us items don’t get put in the pantry, never to be seen again.

I love how my shelves look now, a lot less cluttered and I have items I want to try right there, so I can’t forget about them!

I’m joining this kitchen clean up to Traci’s Kitchen Clean Up Linky Party at Beneath My Heart!