I sold some old stuff I had laying around and now I have my little veggie garden fund ready to go!

Aside from the goodness we can find at our local nurseries, there are some items I will probably need to order online:
Peruvian purple potatoes. Can’t wait to try these. We are setting aside a corner of our yard for our potatoes and these are definitely on the list.

Rocoto, a Peruvian hot pepper, is on the list as well, it can be made into a chili paste or also served stuffed.

Other items on the list are our tried-and-true favorites: zucchini, swiss chard, green beans, tomatoes, bok choy, lettuces, etc.

This year I am canning and drying tomatoes, so we are ordering a few different varieties and see which work best. I will also be drying many of my pears and making a ton of plum jam like last year. I hope to get a water bath canner to be able to process it to store without refrigeration, but if not, I will still make a bunch and freeze for later use.

I am so excited about my garden this year, and feeding my family lovely homegrown produce!