On dinnerware

When my husband and I got married, we did not register for china. We’re not the china sort, plus both my mother and his gave us china when we first moved in together. In the time we’ve been together we’ve had his green-trimmed dinnerware to see us through.


While the green trim is lovely, we’ve started to lose pieces here and there, mostly due to the kidlets. A couple of dishes are chipped, also due to the kidlets. Having hosted holidays for a couple of years now, it is clear we simply do not have enough service for everyone.

Bit by bit, I would like to add some dinnerware. Given my love for all things fleur-de-lys, I would LOVE these from Anthropologie, but the price is way too scary.

Then I ran into these at Walmart:
I know, Walmart is evil, bla bla bla, but this is $35 for a 16 piece set (4 of each in the photo) vs. $16 FOR ONE DINNER PLATE from Anthropologie.

I can build a set of dinnerware that can see me through everyday and my guests through the holidays little by little. Just hope they don’t discontinue them before I get all the ones I need 😀

One thought on “On dinnerware

  1. Oh my goodness — the Walmart version is beautiful! I'll admit it — I shop at Walmart all the time! ;o) Thanks for the nice comment about my skirt — I appreciate it!

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