Past Project: The Pirate Room

My husband thought a pirate theme would be awesome in our oldest’s room. I was expecting our second baby and we decided to keep the nursery as it was for the baby, and make our office into a room for our big boy.

The initial sketch was then fine-tuned and entered into CAD – my hubby’s BFF is a very good artist – with the dimensions of the room and we just had to copy the drawing onto a grid that was pencil-drawn on our walls.

Here are some pics of the project – it was under $500, including all paints, wood, rope, muslin, etc.

Shading on the sandy beach!

Initial painting of the ship area. The ship was 3-D, painted on a piece of plywood and installed 4 inches from the wall. The space between the plywood and the wall serves as a shelf for us to plug in lights, etc. and there is a sound system hidden behind the sail, for white noise at night.

Initial stages of the ship.

A super friendly dolphin splashes near the light switch.

My mom sewed the sail and my husband did all the woodwork and ropework. The railing is made up of unfinished candlesticks from Michaels that were painted to match the wood 😀

The treasure chest, the coins were painted with metallic paint for sparkle.

On the wall, next to where the crib went, the outlet was camouflaged as a starfish, it even glitters!

My little man showing off his pirate room! There was never an issue for him to switch rooms, he slept just fine in his new bed from the beginning, and the pirate room is still the most ooh-ed and aah-ed part of the house tour we give to new guests.

Hope you enjoyed our son’s Pirate Room transformation!

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8 thoughts on “Past Project: The Pirate Room

  1. Oh my goodness Claudia! What a room!! Oh my son would have loved that room. We've never painted but we decorated it like a cabin on a ship..loot, elaborate red and gold comforter..and weapons everywhere. He loves having it 'decorated' even now at 18. Your son is going to enjoy this for years. And WOW you guys are just so talented! xoDonna

  2. So, so cool! I love that the ship is 3D…having the "secret" compartment for the white noise is really neat. What a great room for a boy to grow up in. :)Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party! 🙂

  3. W.O.W. of course everyone loves this room – it is awesome! Thanks for sharing at Fantastic Friday. I hope that you will join us again this week!

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