A WOOT and a Radiant Orchid

My awesome husband’s fabulous idea of adding color to our backyard by making redwood frames for flowers won this:
Visit thecsiproject.com

for the whole of 2013!

I love The CSI Project and it was pretty surreal to see they chose our project as their favorite of the year.

So that was the WOOT! and now for my first take on Radiant Orchid.

My friend Carina and I went to a new (to me) beauty supply place and holy moly it was awesome. There I found a color I thought would be a good fit for Radiant Orchid and guess what, the name of it is Foxy Roxy. Named after my sweet puppers, how could I resist?

I got a few pale colors and a very pretty tomato red. Then I got out of there before I could spend the grocery money.

Does anyone else need like 5 more hours to the day? Because I totally do.

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Past Project – Piñata Time!

Our oldest’s fourth birthday was all about dinosaurs. He knew the names of dozens of dinosaurs, what they ate, how they fought, etc. My husband decided to make a piñata worthy of his firstborn’s obsession.

I think it came out pretty fricking fabulous! It was made out of balloons covered in paper-mache.

Our boy was pretty happy with his piñata:

However, there was one little problem.

My husband had done such a good job ensuring the piñata was sturdy, that no one could break it. The birthday boy’s dainty whack certainly didn’t do the trick ;D

Three rounds later, all the kids were tired, so my husband decided to give it the old coup de grace and end its misery.

There was tons of red confetti inside, along with candy so when the piñata was opened (ha) it would come out like blood. My husband likes to be realistic that way.

We still have the head on our bookcase, along with some costume heads – I said we should mount them like hunting trophies, what do you think?

Past Project: Birthday Cakes

Around here, it’s the man’s job to do birthday cakes.  That’s right, my husband has created some fabulous cakes for our boys’ parties.  It must be genetic because his mom was in charge of cakes for the first couple of years, but then as our boys’ preferences have evolved, my husband decided he’d give cake decorating a try.  His mom still bakes them — they’re so good! — and my husband plans out the logistics of transforming a plain cake into a dinosaur, Godzilla, or whatever the boys are into.

Let me show you some of their talented creations:

This was the cake for my youngest’s first birthday. It was a toga party, so my mother-in-law make a cool cake with lettering to match the invitation.

When my oldest turned 3, he was totally into elephants and Go, Diego, Go! So gran made him an elephant cake and I found a Diego candle topper:

He loved it, but when people started singing he said it was too loud and dove under the table. Gran and I dove under, too, so he could blow out his candles and I could take pictures.

Next year, it was all about dinosaurs:

This was my husband’s first cake – seriously. He based his creation on a video from Betty Crocker.

For our youngest’s luau party, he decorated this huge tiki cake:

Last year, my oldest was obsessed with Godzilla, so dad obliged and made him a super awesome cake.

My boys totally appreciate what Daddy makes for them, and I sure appreciate having a talented husband and mother-in-law.

Are you the cake maker in your household?

Past project: Cards and party invites

Our oldest is having a birthday party soon, so I thought I would share with you some of our past efforts this week – hope you enjoy this post!

Here at Casa de Berry we love to do a lot of our own stuff. We could probably save ourselves a lot of time and (sometimes) stress, but the lure of making our own _____ is usually too strong and we cannot resist.

When we had our boys, we wanted something a little different for their birth announcements. Our first son got the full Lord of the Rings treatment:

This was an insert that went inside a gate fold card, sealed with a elven motif.

Our youngest got the martial-arts poster treatment — we were trying to figure out what to do when all of a sudden I got this shot of him and we just went, “Kung Fu Baby!”

For birthday parties, we’ve gone the same “homemade” route, such as this Harry Potter-inspired invitation for our oldest’s first birthday:

He was into Thomas by the time his second birthday rolled around so we issued a Boarding Pass for the party:

Our youngest had a toga party for his first birthday:

Then he got a simple Mickey treatment for his third birthday:

For his fourth birthday, we threw a luau-themed party:

Last year, my oldest was obsessed with Godzilla and we themed his birthday party accordingly:

My husband and I usually go back and forth on invitations, Christmas cards, etc. Sometimes I’ll come up with an idea and he will refine it, sometimes I just do the whole thing or he does, but for this upcoming party, I will proudly give him all the credit. He came up with a seriously awesome design and did a fantastic job with it. I can’t wait to unveil it next week!

Thursday Favorite Things

Past Projects: Our Kitchen and Dining Room

The first project we tackled when we moved in to our home in August 2004, was the kitchen/dining room. The cabinets needed to go, and the general color, although light, was very dingy and dreary. The white appliances probably didn’t help, and the tile wasn’t our favorite either:



That’s our realtor in the last picture 😀

We decided to go bold and my husband chose a warm red for the walls – Briquette by Behr and honey colored cabinets with a granite top. He and a friend did the demo and my husband’s uncle hooked us up with the cabinets and granite.

Now here is the dining room as you walk in from the living room

Our hutches are both from IKEA

The door goes into the laundry room/pantry area and then into the garage

I found these sweet fleur-de-lis candles on clearance at Pier One – score!

My fridge is covered in picture magnets as you can see

I love the hanging pot rack so much that we added another one – saves so much storage space!

I have a lazy susan to the left of the stove with my oils, vinegars and often-used condiments, some of them I’ve decanted onto glass bottles and labeled with chalkboard labels. On top of the microwave are our Torani syrups. We had a Torani bar at our wedding since it was kind of our signature to offer guests an Italian soda 😀
Next to the fridge on the counter you can see the most often used ingredients in the house – oatmeal, peanut butter and honey. I recently stopped using the instant packets and now make the less sugary kind, with just a dash of honey. My youngest sure loves his oatmeal!!!

I love my kitchen and dining room, it is warm and inviting with colors that draw you in. I hope you’ve enjoyed look at this Past Project!

Past Project: The Pirate Room

My husband thought a pirate theme would be awesome in our oldest’s room. I was expecting our second baby and we decided to keep the nursery as it was for the baby, and make our office into a room for our big boy.

The initial sketch was then fine-tuned and entered into CAD – my hubby’s BFF is a very good artist – with the dimensions of the room and we just had to copy the drawing onto a grid that was pencil-drawn on our walls.

Here are some pics of the project – it was under $500, including all paints, wood, rope, muslin, etc.

Shading on the sandy beach!

Initial painting of the ship area. The ship was 3-D, painted on a piece of plywood and installed 4 inches from the wall. The space between the plywood and the wall serves as a shelf for us to plug in lights, etc. and there is a sound system hidden behind the sail, for white noise at night.

Initial stages of the ship.

A super friendly dolphin splashes near the light switch.

My mom sewed the sail and my husband did all the woodwork and ropework. The railing is made up of unfinished candlesticks from Michaels that were painted to match the wood 😀

The treasure chest, the coins were painted with metallic paint for sparkle.

On the wall, next to where the crib went, the outlet was camouflaged as a starfish, it even glitters!

My little man showing off his pirate room! There was never an issue for him to switch rooms, he slept just fine in his new bed from the beginning, and the pirate room is still the most ooh-ed and aah-ed part of the house tour we give to new guests.

Hope you enjoyed our son’s Pirate Room transformation!

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