When my husband and I got married we did a slideshow of pics of both of us through the years.

I remember my dad loved it, he said it was so nice seeing me grow up before his eyes. So many sweet memories.

I also remember people asking me why I was plopped on top of furniture in so many pics.

I don’t know what it was, maybe my parents thought the fear of falling would keep me still if they plopped me on top of a TV. Yes boys and girls, that’s a seriously old school TV, isn’t it?

All I know is I wouldn’t try that with my boys. Because they have no fear of falling. My little one, in fact, will run towards a pool and jump in without a care. With clothes on.

I’m just glad they managed to take pics with me in them. Because here I almost left the frame before they took it.

And really, it doesn’t get that cold in Lima, why am I all bundled up INSIDE the house?

And who put me in yellow? That’s so not one of my best colors!