7 thoughts on “Springy

  1. I read your profile….teeeeheeee! I love the oatmeal devouring nudist!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME! I am a French teacher, a Francophile, BIEN SÛR, and chocolate????? I HAVE THE STUFF EVERYDAY!!! It is a pleasure to find you! Have a perfect and precious weekend with those YOU LOVE…Anita

  2. You know, I should really learn to wear scarves! They have been so chic for several seasons and I still have yet to venture into that territory! Fear? Probably…and my incredibly short neck!

  3. This is a great look..easy, comfortable but chic and elegant. I just discoverd your blog through home bunch…..since we were both awarded. Lovely! Now that I see you are a francophile and a chocaholic (two of my own claims to fame..haha) I know we are destined to be blog buds!Please stop by…..www.theenchantedhome.blogspot.com

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