Favorite Outfit: Spring Day

I wore something very similar to this on Monday to do the school run and do some errands. It was cool but not cold, and it sprinkled a bit when I went to pick up my youngest but I just put the scarf on my head and my hair didn’t get frizzy.

And no, I definitely do NOT have that bag, it’s like $6000 or something, mine is this one from Tarjay but the one in the pic was the closest Polyvore had. If I had $6,000 to spend on a bag I’d buy one in Paris for $20 and use the other $5800 to have a grand Parisian vacation 😀

2 thoughts on “Favorite Outfit: Spring Day

  1. Hello, my friend!How are you doing? I'm loving this outfit… it's beautiful, comfortable, elegant and fun! Now, that I'm growing (I already can see a little belly!!!) I will need to go shopping soon… This is very inspiring, although it's so hard to find beautiful clothing at the maternity store! lolHave a great week!xoLuciane at HomeBunch.com

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