Another warm weather outfit

Yes, I am obsessed. Not with searing-hot. burn-the-top-of-my-head, give-me-a-headache heat and sun, but with the opportunity to stroll around wearing colorful, floaty outfits. Ahem.

Anyway, I am loving blue/gray with the pops of orange here:

4 thoughts on “Another warm weather outfit

  1. I've enjoyed several of your posts.Reading about Peru was fun.I think It's a romantic place.I'm sorry for it's politics though.I like your outfit choice for this summer. If you go back a couple of posts you can see mine.Nice visiting you,please drop by and say hello any time. Denise

  2. Claudia…this looks like a great outfit! you are just so good at picking stuff. Now we just need to see you 'wearing' some great outfits. :o) I bet you would look great!xoDonna

  3. Love the blue and gray with orange! Fabulous combo.I'm having a $75.00 gift card giveaway to Anthropologie. Hope you participate! Have a great week.

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