A trip to Sprinkles

For Christmas, my dear friend D gave me a gift card to Sprinkles.  My husband and I have been trying to improve our eating habits, so I decided to wait until my oldest’s birthday to use the card.  I asked him if he wanted his BFF to go along and of course, he said yes!

On Friday morning, I drove the boys up to Stanford Shopping Center to indulge in some cupcake goodness and kick off my son’s birthday weekend.

I love this pic of my darling boy and his sweet friend:

Running towards our destination!

I got a few more to bring home ;D

My choice was, of course, the milk chocolate cupcake:

The boys chose vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting, although none of us could take more than three bites. The cupcakes are so rich that we brought ours home and ate the rest later.

I used to work close to this mall years ago and it was so strange going there today, seeing all the changes, all the new stores, and remembering what I was doing way back when this was my favorite mall to hang out at.

Also, many thanks to my friend D — $3.50 cupcakes are SO not in our budget, so your gift was the reason for this super fun little trip!  Thanks also to my awesome friend M for letting your son join in our cupcake mission 😀

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