Interview with Lisa Epp of Captured Grace Photography

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lisa since we were both brides-to-be on a wedding planning message board. Some of the local brides would get together and eventually some of us became friends, attending each other’s ceremonies and keeping in touch past the “I do” moment.

Back then, Lisa was known as the one who would capture beautiful details at our weddings, she would catch a corner of a wedding cake or the lacy hem of a bridal gown and compose beautiful images. Today, she does the same with nature, truly capturing grace in the details that most of us miss.

She also does portraits, maternity, family and baby pictures and recently opened an Etsy shop — Recently I got a chance to ask her a few questions about her work:

CB: If you could spend a day anywhere in the world, photographing anything or anyone, what would it be?
SUCH a hard question because there are several places that get my blood pumping thinking about the photography opportunities.
I would love to see Ireland and the rolling hills, the towns, general beauty of the land
Italy and Greece call to me for the bright colors and architectural details I have seen in images.
AND if I could photograph anyone I would be running towards Johnny Depp. There is something so captivating in his face and voice, that make me just want to capture him.

CB: What is it about the details of nature that draw you to capture them?
I am drawn to the details of nature because they are so amazing when you take time to really look and appreciate all the details.
Yes flowers are pretty to look at, but if you look at them from a different angle, examine how they are put together, the petals and colors it is breathtaking. Take a leaf in fall, the colors are stunning, the textures and patterns. Each one different.
I love taking the time to notice what we pass by every day without taking the time to really look at it.

CB: What kind of camera/equipment do you have?
I have a Nikon D700. Love it!
I generally almost always have my 50mm. 1.4 lens on, but I also adore my 85mm lens.

CB: What is the best compliment you have received on your work?
Well I don’t have a specific one, but when people comment that I made them really appreciate and see the beauty in the simple details of life, it is wonderful.

CB: What do you see for your photography in the next 5 years?
I would love to be doing more portrait sessions, especially with babies, my favorite.:)
Mostly, I just hope to be still looking for those details of life and enjoying my journey with photography.

If you are in the South Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, and need some newborn, family or engagement portraiture, Captured Grace is a wonderful choice. She also does very tasteful and elegant boudoir portraits, which I highly recommend as a special gift to your other half.

Lisa is also kind enough to offer a 20% discount on any item in her Etsy shop with the code 20claudia, good until the end of April — she has gorgeous note card sets, nature and still life prints, there are a couple I would LOVE to have framed up in my office area.

Thank you Lisa, it’s always nice to chat with you, chicka!

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