Adventures in Cupcake Tasting

Last week I took my boys to a cupcake shop — my oldest got a trip to Sprinkles for his birthday back in February, so this time we went to Kara’s Cupcakes in Santana Row.

The boys wanted one type of cupcake and the array of flavors could not dissuade them from their choice.

They each got the Sweet Vanilla mini cupcakes.

I chose some other flavors for me and my husband.

Sweet chocolate for me, yum yum.

Red velvet on the left for me as well, and Kara’s Karrot for my hubster.

By the way . . .

Is anyone planning to see the new Total Recall? 😀 If you got the reference, you’re awesome. And about my age.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Cupcake Tasting

  1. I’ve had cupcakes from Sprinkles and Kara’s and each time I’ve been amazingly UNDERWHELMED for the price, quality and size. I always say that I would rather get a 12 pack of cupcakes from Safeway than from either of the other 2 places. 😦 I hope you like Kara’s better than I did…

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