A visit to the Oakland Zoo

This past Sunday, my husband and I took our boys to the Oakland Zoo.

It’s been a favorite since the other large local zoo disappointed my oldest by not having elephants.

The zebras were some of the boys’ favorites 😀

But my youngest’s absolute favorite was this one elephant. He was super sweet and came over to our side, hung out for a few minutes, and then went back for some food.

One of my favorite details was this high-relief trail of ants, set on one of the little pathways.

This meerkat was a total poser 😀 turning this way and that, making sure we captured all his good angles.

These rabbits were adorable!!!

My youngest liked this leaping lemur – both my boys loved Zoboomafoo!

We had a great time on the Sky Ride, our oldest and I rode behind my husband and our youngest.

My oldest does some yoga poses atop a wary frog.

The last ride was the zoo train, and then we headed home after a great time.

It was a really nice day in Oakland, a lovely breeze kept things from being too warm and the employees walking around were very nice and helpful, stepping in to tell the boys about whatever animal they were looking at, etc.

I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

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