Icing on the Cake

The boys and I are continuing our cupcake adventures with a visit to Icing on the Cake, a local shop in Los Gatos — my friend G is a fan and we met up a couple of days ago to sample some goodies.

The shop is adorable, it has not only cupcakes, cookies, cakes, etc. but so many bowls, cupcake stands, paper straws, aprons, party accessories, and more, that I was surprised at my own willpower because I seriously wanted to blow the month’s grocery money right there and then.

My youngest checked out the cupcakes but then headed over to his favorite section – cookies!

He ended up getting a chocolate chip behemoth that he shared with his big brother. Big bro, in turn, shared his vanilla cupcake with my little man. My husband got a carrot cupcake and I got my chocolate fix. I have to say that I liked this chocolate cupcake a lot better than the ones I got at our two previous cupcake outings (Sprinkles and Kara’s). This cupcake was very, very chocolaty, there wasn’t an obscene amount of frosting so I could enjoy the cake itself, which is what I like the most.

We hung out with G and her adorable daughter for a few minutes and then the boys and I had to go grocery shopping (see? good thing I didn’t spend all that money 😀 )

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