The perfect shade of blue

My youngest has a dresser I have been meaning to paint for months – it’s unfinished wood and with a good sanding and a nice coat of paint, I think it will look great. The other day I showed him a variety of “blues”, his favorite color, so he could choose the shade he most liked for the dresser. One picture was from a Better Homes and Gardens article on one of my favorite interior designers/bloggers – Emily Clark. My son, demonstrating excellent taste at his young age, chose the awesome rug in the picture as the blue he wanted for his dresser:

source: Emily A. Clark

I love his choice, so I will bring the magazine to color match a shade for my boy, I think he will get a kick of seeing his choice of shade made into a can of paint for his dresser ;D

Also, I think I will add some off white accents to the dresser, just like the rug has, and maybe some brushed nickel pulls. My sweetie is very excited, he wants to go to the paint store and get his blue paint ready, I think this is going to be a fun project for both of us.

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