Insane Asylum sign

This past weekend, my husband made an awesome sign for Halloween.

Although, considering how crazy we tend to get around the holidays, I might be keeping that sign up for a while 😀

The backing is an old puzzle tray we had, pieces had gone missing long ago but the tray itself was perfect for this project. Steve added plain thumbtacks, then cut out the letters from foam – yes, by hand, I keep entering those Silhouette giveaways but haven’t won one yet – and then glued them to the frame. The first coat of spray was a metallic copper, then he did a wash with black paint so the pigment would settle into the crevices, and finally he added some greenish paint for a rusted, patina look.

I think he did such a great job!!! He has a lot more planned for our front yard but we wanted to share this bit for now.

So creepy!!!


shabby creek cottage

9 thoughts on “Insane Asylum sign

  1. Claudia! That sign is so awesome! I never would have believed it was cardboard (or plastic?) and foam until I read your post. So very realistic and rusty looking! I’d definitely want to hang one of these in my sewing room year round. I love seeing unique things like this!

  2. Wow, this is AWESOME! I’ve been meaning to create a sign for the end of our driveway for Halloween, and this is definitely inspirational. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this all over Pinterest! I’m pinning it to my Halloween board. Thanks for sharing!

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