Yellow and green make . . .

Yellower green. Or greener yellow. In any case, it’s a color I am in love with right now. So does IKEA, apparently, featuring these shades in a variety of textiles.

We usually have brick/rust and brown colored throws on our sofa but it’s definitely time to lighten up the look. The lovely green throws would look great in my neutral living room, as would the cream one. I also love the cushion covers, although any pillow on my sofa quickly becomes the cats’ favorite spot or weapons for the children. Seriously.

The bird prints are adorable. I’m completing the gallery walls above my corner desk and would love a little groping of these sweet prints.

So, yeah, it’s sounding like a trip to IKEA is in my near future, no?

6 thoughts on “Yellow and green make . . .

  1. I don’t have much green at home, but I love those bird prints. I would never have guessed they were from Ikea.

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