Away for the week . . .

This week is a rough one for me.

My beloved dad had his third, and fatal, heart attack on July 3, 2010. Three days later, it was left to me to make the call on turning off the machines that were keeping his body alive despite the massive damage his brain had sustained during the more than 30 minutes that he was without oxygen following the heart attack.

I will celebrate the Fourth of July with my family and friends, and at times life will seem to be normal, but these days will be heavy ones. I wish you all a good week, a happy holiday, and I will see you again next week.

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Dear Dad,

You would have been 78 today. Your friends at the coffee shop would have probably given you extra breakfast goodies, and later on, we would have stopped by to celebrate your birthday. The boys would have run around as usual, and you would have loved listening to all their new doings, their school stories, their new successes.


Thank you for having lunch with me every Monday for many years. I treasure those memories and I hope one day we get to celebrate your birthday together again, with a proper Peruvian breakfast, lots of Peruvian newspapers and magazines and great conversation.

I miss you so much, dad.


Father’s Day

This Sunday is going to be a little rough. Rather, a lot rough. You see, it’s the first Father’s Day without my dear dad. We would usually have lunch with my in-laws and then head over to my parents’ for dinner.

I will be celebrating my husband’s fatherhood and delighting in his neverending love and patience for our little boys, but at the same time I will be thinking of my dad. I miss my dad every single day but this Sunday, maybe a little more poignantly.

Here is my dad enjoying his youngest grandchild, my little one:
I don’t remember what we got him for Father’s Day last year, or what we ate, or what we talked about. I had no idea he only had another couple of weeks left to live. My heart breaks at the lost moments I wish I could remember, but someday, I know I will get to see my dad again. Until then, happy father’s day, daddy. I love you.

My daddy

My darling dad passed away on July 3, 2010. Officially, he died on July 6, but that is just the date when the machines were unplugged. He was gone on the 3rd, after his third – and fatal – heart attack. They were able to fix his heart and get it going again, but his brain was without oxygen for too long and that, my father was unable to overcome.

Dad and I had our rough times, but after my firstborn arrived we agreed that we wouldn’t ever let others’ bullshit get in the way of our relationship, and that we’d talk everything out. He was a doting and proud grandfather and loved my boys dearly. He was always looking out for something new to get them, or making sure he had foods he liked at home for when we visited.

This is the last photo I have of me and my dad, taken a few months before he died. Today would have been his 77th birthday. We would probably have taken him out for dinner or brought dinner over to his place.

I miss you so much, dad, every day I think of you and the times we shared. I’m sure someday we’ll see each other again. Until then, I hope you are proud of me and my boys.